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Yue's world - All of me for U
内博貴 が ほんとに 好きです。
15th-Oct-2014 08:39 pm
hiroki new 1
You can't totally believe in people even the one you're closed the most. Haizz, wanna get out of this current company ~ wanna get a better job, but I don't have any confidence T_T I'm so bad ~~~ Keep working with s.o who look down you is not a good idea at all. One day, I'll be exploded ~ I'm sure >.< Especially, your colleague also is your friend who you've known for 4 years. 4 years are not a long time, but it's not short. However, I don't regret this relationship if some day we can't be friend with each other anymore.
Somehow, I still live ~
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