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You can't totally believe in people even the one you're closed the most. Haizz, wanna get out of this current company ~ wanna get a better job, but I don't have any confidence T_T I'm so bad ~~~ Keep working with s.o who look down you is not a good idea at all. One day, I'll be exploded ~ I'm sure >.< Especially, your colleague also is your friend who you've known for 4 years. 4 years are not a long time, but it's not short. However, I don't regret this relationship if some day we can't be friend with each other anymore.
Somehow, I still live ~
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My graduation ceremony last November :))


I'm free from university now :]]
Job is good but I wanna change another job ~ but I can't
Family problems are still going on but what can I do except don't mention them
Life's still good like I say
Not too happy, not too sad
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hello friends ^^
Long time no see. How are you guys?
I'm still fine at least :))
Sometime I think I don't want to be a fangirl anymore but it's just what I think. Doing is much difficult to saying.
Actually, I can't think how my life is if I'm not a fangirl. It's all "fate"
Fate to love Japanese idols
Fate to meet with Japanese entertainment's fans
Fate to exist in this world
It's all "fate"

I'm in my internship now. How can I say it? Everybody in company is good, jobs is good however it's kind of bored and it's not what I want to do for whole life. However, at this time, it's totally fine. Another month to finish the internship and then I graduate but have to wait for almost a year, until November 2013, the graduation celebration is hold.

Anyway, I'm happy now with what I do beside family problems ~
khi yeu

bad mood

I don't think I like my lecturer. Not that because she gave me the bad mark for my assignment or because of her not-so-rude-but-seem-it-is feedback, but the way how she's happy with her favorite students and the so so way with other students make me sick.

I'm never depressed because of mark, feedback or something like that but this time, her feedback makes me so sad. She said I don't have the quality to be a designer, and my assignment is just awful. I know it's not great, it can't get the HD mark, it's just so so, but she can feedback in another way to not to make me feel like how I feel now. When I presented my assignment in class, she said nothing, no feedback, no compliment and when she gave mark and feedback, she said that's awful, that's terrible, it's low standard.

I always think my standard is different with everyone
and now, I'm sure ... my standard is so different with my lecturer...
at least, it's not low like what she said, it's just not the same between brains
at least, it's what I thought.....
wonder if I can pass this course

and more wonder what I can do after graduate....
may be I choose the wrong path